*Inspired by life events of Janice Jacobs (Formerly Murray)*


O = Outraged 

B = by Biased

J = Just-Less Systems

E = Expose

C = Corruption

T = Tactics

Justice against Court Corruption


i-Although the letter i” is lower case it is a powerful because as individuals there’s power in numbers and banding together to affect change.     

Enough of the Biased Just-less systems that feed those professionals who have to be Exposed for all of the Corruption Tactics used to rob citizens of their civil liberties.


***Solution driven guidance and activist approach directed at affecting change for people who have and continue to endure improper and criminal acts imposed against them by the institutions entrusted to do RIGHT for “ALL” PEOPLE.

Have You Experienced?

Malicious Prosecution, Due Process Violations, Intimidation/Threats, Failed by Attorney

Justice against Court Corruption

YOUR Support team

Justice against Court Corruption

Janice Jacobs, MSN, RN

~***~My Professional Background~***~

As a native of Jamaica, West Indies I relocated to the United States since the age of 7 and after discovered my life’s calling in the nursing profession by the age of 13. I graduated as a practical nurse at age 16 and after several years attained my Register Nursing license. Later, my Master Degree in Nursing with a specialization in Informatics was accomplished.

Judges corruption in court


 The focus for iOBJECT2CORRECT is to create awareness, educate and assist individuals, targeted persons and their communities affected negatively by governing systems as their basic human rights were violated and their peaceful existence disrupted.

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